Thornton Manor Wedding Video

Thornton Manor Wedding Video



An elegant and awe-inspiring location is essential if you want your wedding to be one to remember and when combing over various wedding venues in the UK, never neglect the elegance of a beautifully constructed Elizabethan Style manor like Thornton Manor. Thornton Manor has been inviting guests to its illustrious grounds since 1888 and has hosted countless weddings and events throughout the years. For those seeking a truly unique and historical event venue for their event and wedding videography, Thornton Manor is perfect. Here are just a few reasons why this venue is so epic for shooting a wedding.


Ability to Have Everything for the Wedding in One Place

Wedding cinematography is much more than just getting an amazing video of the wedding itself. Like photography, videography is meant to encapsulate the entire event from everyone preparing with hair and makeup to the moment when the final guests leave the venue. Few wedding venues allow for the entirety of the event to be seen, but at Thornton Manor, everything can be easily captured. This venue features a variety of places to say, “I do” and offers exceptional accommodations for everyone in your wedding party and out of town guests. Nothing is overlooked in Thornton Manor.


4 Venues in One illustrious Location

Sometimes, a wedding venue is primarily suited to accommodate just one wedding at a time. These types of venues can be difficult to secure and are often double booked leading to a whole host of possible problems. However, you will not find that problem at Thornton Manor. Thornton Manor is much more than just one structure and accompanying grounds. There are actually 4 different venues dotted throughout the property so multiple weddings can occur at the same time without impacting one another in any way.

Couples can choose to have their wedding indoors in the manor house with its classic architecture and choice of 3 different areas for the wedding to take place depending on the number of guests in attendance. The three other options are just as beautiful, but allow for an outdoor ceremony away from the main house. The Lakeside Marquee is popular with those looking for a tucked away lake location. The ell Pavilion and Walled Garden Marquee both offer their own unique attributes. But no matter which one you choose, you can rest assured your wedding video will be perfect. There are no bad places to shoot a wedding at Thornton Manor.


An Award Winning Venue

Simply stating that a wedding venue is ideal is just not enough. One person’s opinion can be high of a place while another might have had a negative experience. However, when a venue has won multiple awards, there is proof the venue is a great place to be. Thornton Manor has not just won a few awards over the years. In fact, it has been given a variety of awards including the Brides North West Wedding Award in both 2018 and 2019 and has won the Asian Award for Venue of the Year in the same years. Additionally, Thornton Manor has been given the coveted English Wedding Award for 2019 and has been nominated for a range of other awards throughout the years. You cannot go wrong with a venue that has captured so many awards and previous wedding videography videos are proof these awards were well deserved. This is why I love filming a Thornton Manor Wedding Video. 


Natural, Yet Opulent Beauty

For optimal wedding cinematography, various factors must be in place. Lighting, color, and composition all play into the ability to shoot a wedding appropriately and with some venues, the light is simply not right. However, at Thornton Manor, lighting, composition, and color are never a problem. This venue offers the ability to get amazing shots on the inside as well as the outside of the main house. Wedding videography here is enjoyable as couples can roam the grounds finding the perfect place without compromising on the availability of light.

Throughout the grounds, natural elements add pops of color to the video and indoors, oversized windows offer endless lighting and stunning effects throughout the day. No matter where you go on this perfectly manicured property, you will find amazing places for your wedding film to take place.

There are a variety of amazing wedding venues throughout the UK, but when you want your wedding to be shot in a traditional environment. Thornton Manor is ideal. Not only will you have a truly spectacular wedding film to look back on, you will enjoy all the modern amenities you desire for your wedding to be all it can be. Your dreams can come true when you invest in such an amazing venue like Thornton Manor. Go ahead, tour the grounds and see what a remarkable wedding venue is all about.

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