Please see the different options and packages available below.

If you’d like to speak on the phone at any point, we’re always happy to talk through the different options and answer any questions you may have.




Budget Saver

  • Ceremony to First Dance with 5 minute film.

  • This is a great option to save some money for your wedding budget.

  • Coverage runs from the ceremony, the speeches and up until the first dance.

  • The only edit you will receive with this package is one fantastic 5 minute highlight film. Please note there is no trailer, no full edits of ceremony and speeches and no further films.

Package I

  • Ceremony to First Dance filming with 1 Cinematographer (Teaser Trailer included).

  • This is a popular choice of video package, as it runs until the first dance and captures a complete film of the day.

  • Coverage runs from the arrival of the guests before the ceremony, the speeches and right through till the first dance or 9pm in the evening.

  • The package includes a 90 second ‘Teaser Trailer’

  • In addition to this you receive a 20 minute highlights film, a full edit of the ceremony and a full edit of the speeches.

Package II

  • Bridal Preparations to First Dance with 1 Cinematographer (Teaser Trailer & Drone Filming included).

  • In this package filming of the bridal preparations are also incorporated, which makes for a lovely addition to the video as make up is perfected and drinks are toasted!

  • Aerial drone filming really adds that extra wow factor to your wedding films, as they show gliding movement and stunning sky views to show off the setting of your big day

  • As with the previous choice, the ceremony, speeches and first dance are all filmed. The same number of films are provided.

Package III

  • 2 Award Winning Cinematographers capture every element of your wedding, from the bridal prep and the groom prep right through to the first dance (Teaser Trailer & Drone Filming included).
  • For larger and busier wedding days we do recommend 2 cinematographers for your wedding. This means we can be in two places at once, or have one of us filming while the other sets up for the next part of the day. Two people can really help to show off a day with lots going on over a large venue.

  • With two experienced cinematographers, we can also capture the groom preparations that usually happen at the same time as the bridal preparations.
  • The more footage we have, the more details we can include and the more choice we have in the edit so we can really tailor a comprehensive and beautiful momento of your day. 

  • This package includes all the other elements of the previous package including the ceremony, the speeches, the first dance and all the magic in between!

  • For a real premium option, this package is a wonderful choice. 

You Will Receive
  • Ben as your exclusive wedding filmmaker
  • Pre Wedding Zoom Consultation
  • 90 Second Teaser Trailer
  • Story Driven Cinematic Highlights Film (20 approx minutes in Length)

  • Full length edit of the Ceremony

  • Full length edit of the Speeches
  • Personal Online Film Viewing Portal

  • Digital Downloads



  • LATE FILMING: Until 10.30pm – £250 (filming to normally conclude at 9pm)
  • LATE FILMING Until 12.00 midnight – £450
  • RAW FOOTAGE PURCHASE: All raw footage supplied on a hard drive  – £500