Mottram Hall Wedding Video

Mottram Hall Wedding Video

Having filmed many a Mottram Hall Wedding in the past we knew that we could rely on their superb coordinating skills to run a fantastic event. This celebration with Martin and Kelly was no exception. From Ceremony to First Dance the day ran smoothly and the couple looked as if they were having a beautiful day. The sun came out at just the right times and the venue was perfect for our cinematic style!

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It is one of Cheshire’s most popular wedding venues conveniently placed close to Macclesfield.
We filmed so much it was hard to edit down their wedding trailer video to the length of the chosen song, but we think the film shown here shows off what a lovely atmosphere was in abundance. While the ceremony took place at St Philips and St James Church, we were happy to film the preparations at the hotel in a beautiful suite in amongst the wedding dress, shoes and beautiful flowers.

Then after the ceremony it was back to Mottram Hall for the reception. After a stunning meal, it was time for the speeches, full of laughter and emotion.

As the end of the day came upon them, they relaxed with guests in the gardens will some real fun opportunities to film including piggy back rides! With such a beautiful setting there is so much scope for brilliant shots.

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When they made their way onto the dance floor there was a rapturous applause for their first dance and the party really got started.

As happens reasonably only, Martin and Kelly initially decided they didn’t want a wedding video. But as the day approached they changed their minds as they didn’t want to leave such an important day unrecorded. I’m so glad we were free when they contacted and they decided on The Manchester Wedding Film Company to capture their magical Mottram Hall Wedding.

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