Deanwater Hotel Wedding Film

Deanwater Hotel Wedding Film

Deanwater Hotel Wedding FilmIt was the first wedding of the year for us after just getting back from travelling across America. So we were keen to start off with a great film, and Olivia and Ben’s big day provided lots of opportunity for some epic shots! Since postponing their wedding from April 2020, it was finally time for the couple to marry and celebrate in style after having to wait so long.

They elected not to have their prep filmed which gave plenty of time at the church to capture the guest arriving and such, especially with 2 cinematographers. Whenever we have 2 cinematographers I always choose my partner Judith to come along along with me. The extra time meant I had chance to fly my drone at the church and get some dramatic establishing shots.

Father of the Bride 

Manchester Wedding Video

After a lovely ceremony all the guests headed to The Deanwater Hotel for the wedding reception. I really loved making this Deanwater Hotel Wedding Film. There were a large number of guest which meant lots of opportunity to film people enjoying the day! We also had some marvellous entertainment from numerous musicals acts and bands throughout the day. A particular favourite were the Gospel Choir. They really got people dancing and having fun!

Deanwater Hotel Wedding


Gospel WeddingVideo

A new wedding feature that I’ve never seen before was a painter working away at the wedding itself. I was keen to film Lizzie Art as she painted a fantastic piece of the couple as the wedding party celebrated.

Working with the photographer Chelsea Shoesmith was another delightful first. I always get on with photographers and like to work side by side as a team throughout the day. I was very surprised to here she was running a marathon the next day. Usually the day after filming a wedding I’m collapsed on the couch!

Wedding Filming Manchester

Videography Cheshire

Some of the best footage was captured just after the speeches. We took the couple outside to take advantage of some gorgeous golden light in the venue’s garden and woods as the sun was setting.

I filmed some fantastic footage of the couple and I was so pleased and appreciative they responded so well and quickly to our idea. Some couples would have rather had a drink and missed the opportunity for great light. You can see this footage opening the wedding trailer for Olivia and Ben. You just can’t beat light like that! It’s that little bit of magic that makes your heart skip a beat. What worked so well was the couple smiling at each other outside as they are clearly SO in love and it shone through on the video.

Golden Hour Wedding

Congratulations once again to Olivia and Ben! Contact us now if you need a Deanwater Hotel Wedding Film!


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