Abby and Adam at The Deanswater Hotel

Abby and Adam at The Deanswater Hotel

Please see our wedding video highlights film for Abby and Adam at the beautiful Deanswater Hotel

Please see the link to the video on our facebook page here.

It was lovely to film such fantastic family as Abby and Adam had their son Archie there on the day, who looked very cute in his smart attire! I was very pleased to be booked by Abby after she saw another wedding highlights film I made for her friends Becky and Will. Abby was a bridesmaid on that day, and loved my filming work so gave me a message. If you’d like to see the film that inspired her book click here.

Luckily the rain held off and we managed to get some great shots of the family and portrait footage while walking around the grounds with the photographer Lee Brown. I’ve worked with Lee before on a previous wedding and enjoy working alongside him! Many couples ask if it would be a problem having both a photographer and videographer, but I always reassure them that we always get along!

Please some screenshots from the video below. I’d love to shoot at The Deanswater hotel again! Congratulations once again guys I loved filming your day!



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